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Excursion to the mountains By franz Kafka December 19, 2010

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,,I dont know” i shouted soundlessly, “I just dont know. if nobody comes, well, then nobody comes. I haven’t harmed anyone, nobody has harmed me, but nobody wants to help me. Lots of nobody. But that’s not how it is. Only that nobody is helping me – otherwise lots of nobody would be nice. I’ld be very happy 0 and why not? to go on an excursion with a bunch of these nobodies. to the mountains, of course, where else? how these nobodies would jostle each other, these many crosswise stretched and arms coupled together, these many feet separated by tiny steps! Of course, they’re all in evening dress. We’re all going along so-so-so, the wind blows rhrough the gaps between put appendages. in the mountains our throats free up. It is a miracle that we dont sing. “



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