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The Passers-by By Franz Kafka December 18, 2010

Posted by trinniti in another's.

When at night you go walking in the street and a man, already visible from afar – for the street goes uphill and the moon is full – runs toward us, we will not seize him, even if he is weak and shabby, even if someone esles is running behind him and yells, we will rather let him run on.

Because it is nght and we can’t help it that the street under a fullmoon goes uphill and furthermore, perhaaps these two have arranged this chase for their own amusement, perhaps the two are pursuing a third, perhaps the first man, although innocent, is being pursued, pehaps the second wants to kill him and we will become accomplices to yhe murder, perhaps thw two are not aaware of each other and each of them is only running home to bed at his own risk, perhaps they are sleepwalkers, perhaps the first man is armed.

And finally, shouldn’t we be tired. have not we drunk a lot of wine? we’re glad that we can’t even see the second man any more.



1. alexx - April 15, 2013

I don’t understand how it relates to the holocaust

2. trinniti - April 16, 2013

why do you think it should?

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