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Resolutions by Franz Kafka December 18, 2010

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To lift yourself out of a miserable state must be easy, even with deliberate force. I tear myself from the armchair, walk around the table, make my head and neck move, bring fire to my eyes, tense the muscles around them. work against every emotion, turbulently  greet A.if he comes to see me now, amiably put up with B.in my room, absurd in long swallows everything that C. says despite the pain and effort it requires.


But even if i manage to bring it off, every unavoidable mistake begins to slow everything to a halt, the easy and the difficult, and i will have to circle back.


Thats why the best advice remains to endure everything, to behave like ponderous mass and, if you feel you are being blown away, not let yourself be lured into a single unnecessary step, to regard your opposite with the gaze of an animal, to feel no regret, in brief, to suppress with your own hand whatever ghostly remains of like, which means increasing the terminal peace of the grave and letting nothing exist but that.


One characteristic gesture if this condition is to run your little finger over your eyebrows.



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